This program provides for special measures to protect air. A partial reconstruction of boiler plants has been completed, which along with better supply of natural gas, contributes to reducing energy consumption and thus the emission of harmful substances.


Cardboard factory AD “UMKA” has the equipment for purification of process water, which has been significantly improved with the realization of investments from 1997/98. in part of the reconstruction of mass preparation facility.

The next phase of investment has anticipated investments in the complete closure of the flow of process water and investments in the modernization of the facility for waste water treatment.

In the first phase of reconstruction of the facility, in 2010, nearly a million eur has been invested in equipment that enabled a further reduction in the consumption of fresh water, as well as significantly increased level of wastewater treatment.

At this stage, the rehabilitation of the existing system for wastewater treatment has been completed, reparation of chemicals dosing system, presses for dewatering waste have been installed and the device for further purification of water inside the internal water flow, as well as additional floater, all with the purpose of maximizing the recirculation of water within the production process, and therefore more efficient operation of systems for wastewater treatment.

The next phase of the project, from which we expect to get closer to highest standards of environmental protection, is biological wastewater treatment.


What differentiates Umka from other factories and makes her a friend of the environment, is the fact that as a basic raw material for the production of European quality cardboard is exclusively waste paper. For production purposes over 100,000 tons of waste paper is collected and processed annually, which would alternatively end up at municipal landfills.

Guided by the basic principles of sustainable development and good business practice , “Umka” constantly investing in environmental protection, which is reflected in the respect of the hierarchy of waste management, separation of waste at source, in reduced consumption of raw materials and energy, the replacement of raw materials with more environmentally friendly raw materials in the process where possible, and all this results in minimization of negative impacts on the environment and preserving the environment for future generations..


“Umka” is among the first plants to successfully complete a program of cleaner production within UNIDO to the United Nations.

Her business success in the field of quality and continued work in the field of environmental protection Umka documented with certification of the ISO 14001: 2004, reaffirming that the principles of cleaner production, as well as awareness of the importance of the principles of sustainable development are the basic elements on which business and operation of this plant are based on.

Today, Umka holds a Recycler title in the area of waste paper and cardboard, all amounts of waste packaging paper and paperboard which is processed in Umka are counted in the national goals.


Umka’s aim is to be the leader in every area of its business. Active participation in environmental actions, good cooperation with the local government and relevant ministries, continuous work and investment in the latest equipment and technology in the field of environmental protection using best available techniques, exchange experience with foreign partners, constant investment in education and training of its staff, Umka build’s a safe path towards fulfilling its vision of having good business practice and being a friend of the environment.