About Us

Umka d.o.o. – Cardboard Mill, is producing recycled cardboard ("white-lined chipboard") in the following qualities GD2 – Umka Color (230-450gsm), GD3 – Umka Pak (230-450gsm) and GT2 – Umka Special (280-450gsm) with a total annual production capacity of 130.000 mt/year.

Recycled cardboard has a wide range of applications in the food and beverage, confectionary, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco and spare parts industry. The board is also used for lamination in the production of transport packaging.

Board is produced in sheets and reels, depending on the customer’s request. The width of the cardboard machine is 320cm.

For many years, beside Serbia and EX-YU countries, the mill is successfully selling its products to customers from 28 European countries. Among the most important export markets are countries like Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Germany. Further plans for capacity increases will enable growth in the markets where the mill is already present, as well as opening of new ones.