In accordance with the policy of continuing investments and development, quality improvements and production capacity increase, Umka Cardboard Mill is starting a new investment cycle between 2017 and 2019 with a budget of cca 15 milion EUR. This investment cycle will be executed in two phases.
First phase, which will take place in 2017, includes installation of hard nip calender, which will enable increase of annual production capacity to 130 000t, installation of the initial phase of deinking facility (Flotation: InjectaCell Compact, Discfilter: IDF370-08/12) and execution of assisting projects as cutting capacity increase, with the installation of the new, fifth crosscutter and increase of available space for manipulation and warehousing of finished products.
Second phase , which will take place in 2019 , includes projects in mass preparation section and drying section of the cardboard machine and will lead to further production capacity increase to the level of 150 000t.