Products in the production portfolio of Umka Cardboard mill have their application in the packaging of products from various tips of industries.

Inspired by increasing requests from customers Umka Cardboard mill has in cooperation with a partner company from Serbia developed a new product WLC (Umka Color GD2 PE , Umka Pak GD3 PE , Umka Special GT2 PE) with polyethylene.

Our partner on this project is a company with a long tradition in extrusion of cardboard, which constantly invests in development and technology, providing production in line with all standards from this field.

Minimum coating with 18g of polyethylene, in transparent, black and white color variants.

Cardboard with PE has a vide variety of application , among others for bakery products , pet food packaging, confectionary industry and frozen fruit and vegetables.

Products are certified with all necessary certificates. For more information contact our sales department.